Oh the Drama!
Well, look who keeps forgetting to blog. XP

Me and Scarlett went to see Nina Hagen a little over a week ago. She was INSANE but highly entertaining. The woman does not look 50 that's for damn sure. Her opening acts consisted of two of Seattle's better known drag queens, Jackie Hell and Ursula Android. The first was Jackie and the Control Tops where Jackie (who looked like Divine after a dozen martinis and a night in the dumpster) proceeded to scream and swear over punk rock music. By the time she/he started screeching about a drunk seagull, Scarlett and I lost it and nearly died laughing. Ursula and the Androids were a more polished new wave-type group. Not as funny but definitely better music. Anyway, the evening was an interesting experience but not without its annoyances. We had the misfortune of being near these two women who were desperately trying to be horny lesbians. I say "try" because their efforts at staring into each others eyes, tongue wrestling, and dry humping during the entire show looked so forced it was laughable. But such PDA with any couple whether they be gay, straight, whatever is nauseating, so me, Scarlett, and just about anyone near these freaks had a hard time not gagging.

Last Thursday a group of us met up at Scarlett's house for Poker Night. I by some freak accident ended up winning the first game, it's still a mystery to me. Melissa proceeded to cream us all in the next game however. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur except I do recall us mocking Scarlett's anti-social bird Caligula Pete and his music tastes (he loooooves Morrissey apparently). I got totally lost on my way home, Scarlett lives in an area of Seattle where there is a gazillion ways to get there but apparently only one way to get out.

Saturday was an "interesting" day for me. I did two things I have never done in my entire life. First, I went to the mall and the parking was such a nightmare that after driving around the parking lot for 20 minutes I gave up and used valet parking, I have never been so desperate to have to use valet parking, I felt defeated! After that I had to be on the other side of the mall where the movie theater was because I wanted to catch a matinee of the new Pride and Prejudice, so I decided to fetch my car from the valet people and drive there. I was at Alderwood Mall which has changed so dramatically it might have taken two days to get to the other side for all I knew. Anyway, so I drive my car there, find a parking spot, and as I'm walking away from my car I have the sinking feeling I don‘t have my keys with me. And would you know it… I locked them in my car. In the 10+ years that I have been driving I have NEVER ever locked my keys in my car until now. I didn't panic at first, I called my landlady Mailee and asked her if she could bring me my spare keys (which I have on a hook in my room) for me, she said “sure” but she wouldn’t be able to get to me until 4:00... it was at that time 2:30. Now I started to panic, but what choice did I have but to wait. I then proceeded to find a mall security guard to see if he could help me in the meantime. The security guard was an old fella who didn't have much luck, he was about to go off duty so he called for another guy to take his place. The next security guard was this dreamy dark haired boy who was so bound and determined to get my door open that by the time it was 4:00 he and 3 other adorable young security boys were working on all four doors of my car trying desperately to be my knight and shining armour as I stood there smirking and trying not to swoon, lol. I couldn't help it! They were all so damn cute and eager to help! Anyway, my car won the fight in the end and I told the boys that my keys should be arriving soon so that they should get back inside protecting the mall from shoplifters and other vicious criminals *ahem*. Within about 2 minutes, Mailee was there with my keys and I ended up seeing Pride and Prejudice anyway, hee.

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October Month in Review + Gay Zombies (!)
Saturday Melissa, Jamie, and I finally got to see a special sneak preview of Creatures from the Pink Lagoon, the low budget gay zombie movie David filmed last Summer / Fall. He played a homosexual zombie with a sparkly shirt, we were very proud. :D It was actually a rather amusing and clever movie where the only thing that kills the zombies is cheap cologne. One of the stars was Nick Garrison, who played Hedwig when we went to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch, he wasn't at the screening because he's currently playing Hedwig in London right now. You go Nick, woo! Anyway, it was exciting to finally see what David was yammering on about during all those lunches at our now ex-office. In particular, dancing on the beach in freezing Puget Sound water to some Judy Garland song while in zombie make-up and a sparkly shirt, hee.

Tomorrow (um, make that later today now), we go shopping for interview clothes. Unlike many women, I loathe shopping for clothes. I hate, hate, HAAAAAAAAAAATE it! So I should no doubt be in a OH so lovely mood when I return. Can't wait. ¬_¬

Anyhoo, might as well tack on October's month in review...

Books I Read in October:
  1. The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil [George Saunders]
  2. Bigger Than Hitler, Better Than Christ [Rik Mayall]
  3. The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists [Gideon Defoe]
  4. Anansi Boys [Neil Gaiman]
  5. By Any Other Name [MaryJanice Davidson]
  6. No Strings Attached [Millie Criswell]

Movies I Watched in October:
  1. Serenity [Theater]
  2. Latter Days [DVD, GreenCine]
  3. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit [Theater]
  4. Say Uncle [Theater, SLGFF]
  5. Guys & Balls [Theater, SLGFF]
  6. Margaret Cho: Assassin [Theater, SLGFF]
  7. Beyond Delirious (Short Films) [Theater, SLGFF]
  8. Peaches Christ at Harvard Exit (Short Films) [Theater, SLGFF]
  9. Secretary [DVD, GreenCine]
10. L.I.E. [DVD, GreenCine]
11. Different for Girls [DVD, GreenCine]
12. In Her Shoes [Theater]
13. Fear and Trembling [DVD, GreenCine]
14. My Summer of Love [DVD, Netflix]
15. Alive and Kicking [DVD, Netflix]
16. Men with Brooms [DVD, Friend's Collection]
17. Creatures from the Pink Lagoon [Theater, Sneak Preview]
18. From Hell [DVD, Netflix]

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11.17 - Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire
11.19 - Troy's Birthday Party @ Tokyo Ninja
11.24 - Mom & Dad's Anniversary
11.24 - Thanksgiving
12.09 - Brokeback Mountain
12.13 - Gilmore Girls: Season 5
12.14 - Poker Night @ Scarlett's House
04.01 - A Dirty Job
04.25 - Soul Kitchen

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